• 13th August 2018

How Often Does My Boiler Need Serviced and Why?

How Often Does My Boiler Need Serviced and Why?

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Let’s be honest – a boiler service is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind – but it is essential that this gets done at least on an annual basis. It’s a common misconception that they actually don’t need serviced at all, but actually this could be more-costly in the long run. Here are reasons why you should arrange for a boiler service regularly.

It will Avoid General Wear and Tear

If your boiler is serviced regularly, there is a much better chance it will be kept in good working condition. If this doesn’t happen – it will be much more prone to break down and cost you much more money than it would if it were being properly maintained. It can have other damaging effects too, for example if you opt out of an annual boiler service, it could even invalidate your home insurance. If you have just moved into a home, find out when the boiler was last serviced, and make sure another is scheduled in appropriately.

What’s the Best Time for a Boiler Service?

It’s usually a good idea to arrange for a boiler service in the summer. This will prepare you for the winter months coming your way – and also means that a boiler repair company are more likely to be available. It may be that it hasn’t been a year since your last service – but you have noticed that the boiler isn’t as efficient as it used to be. This is another sign that you are due a check-up.

More Benefits for Regular Servicing

If you end up with a leaky boiler – there could be more serious issues than simply the cost to get a new one. You or your family members could be at risk of getting carbon monoxide poisoning should any leaks not be attended to quickly. If you run a commercial business where you have a boiler, if this isn’t appropriately maintained – it could also result in large fines.

Although a boiler service may not be on your top list of priorities – make sure you are taking good care
of it to avoid longer term issues.

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