• 25th April 2018

5 Signs you Need a New Boiler

5 Signs you Need a New Boiler

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Boilers are actually one of the most used household appliances, but because they are often hidden away you tend to forget about them unless something drastic happens like the heating stops working unexpectedly. This is how faults can end up going unnoticed and you end up having to invest in a boiler replacement Glasgow expert. We have prepared a handy list of some signs that you should be on the lookout for if you think your boiler could be causing issues.

Your Radiators Take a While to Warm up

If your radiators stay lukewarm, or they take a while to heat up – this could mean that your boiler isn’t working as it should be. Most boilers are able to reach the max temperature pretty quickly, so the heat should generate from your radiators almost instantly.
Your Boiler Doesn’t Smell as it Should
If you have a healthy boiler, there shouldn’t be any smell at all coming from it. If you smell anything (even if it’s very faint) – you need to contact a gas safe accredited engineer straight away as this could be a carbon monoxide leak. The smell wouldn’t be from carbon monoxide itself as it’s odorless, but because the boiler isn’t burning as it should be due to the leak.

Higher Energy Bills

If you look at your energy bills and feel they are higher than what they should be, this could be another symptom of a boiler issue. As your boiler increases in age, it can become less effective resulting in higher costs to run. You can check your boilers efficiency by having a look at the rating on the energy label.

Is your Boiler Leaking?

Have you noticed any suspicious puddles on the floor next to your boiler? If this happens, then there could most definitely be an issue. It could mean that there are parts that aren’t operating as they should be internally – or that it’s simply falling apart. In either case, this needs attention.

Your Boiler is Making Strange Noises

When your boiler is being fired up – there shouldn’t be much noise. It should just be a low hum that you would barely even notice. If you hear any banging or clunking, this could suggest a number of issues. It could be anything from a heat pump problem to a broken valve. It could be something minor, but always best to be on the safe side.
Is your boiler exhibiting any of the above? Then ask about our boiler installation Glasgow based service and we will offer you our expert advice.

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